St Aloysius B. Ed College marks the 450th Birth Anniversary of St Aloysius Gonzaga with a weeklong celebration.

Jesuit education fosters total development of each individual learner and seeks transformation in their lives through infusion of values like, love, compassion,, collaboration, commitment, service and faith in God. St Aloysius B. Ed College constantly strives to instil such values in its trainees through various programmes. As the college is marking the 450th birth anniversary of its patron St Aloysius Gonzaga many programmes have been conducted during the week for the B. Ed students.

In order to develop contemplation leading to action every day reflection on the values upheld by St Aloysius were conducted. These values of love, service, faith, compassion and unity amid our differences were interpreted and translated into contemporary action both in-house and out. One such programme that highlighted the value of compassion and service was a visit to the old age homes.

  The students expressed that this visit was an eye opener for them. Many of the inmates were waiting for visitors. They were happy just by meeting them. Some of the students expressed that the senior citizens in the ashrams had no need money or gifts, but they need attention and time.  Some also said that While we are attached to digital gadgets, busy connecting to the world, we forget the world of such people in our vicinity. Students also said, we should not forget our aging parents. We have to understand the pain parents take to bring up their children and give them the best. Negligence of aged parents is a crime. Students were happy about the facilities provided in homes for the aged. The positive reaction of the students to the weeklong celebrations, their emotional response of compassion triggered by the visit to the old age homes reinforced the decision to make a monthly visit to the Ashrams as a part of the B. Ed programme. The week long activities culminate on the 21st June, 2018 with the celebration of solemn mass and a cultural programme in collaboration with St Aloysius College Higher Primary School.

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